walking with baby jI am a writer, English prof, and new-ish mama. I live in Oregon with two male humans, two cats, and six chickens. This is the place where I get to delve into all the angst and magic of contemporary motherhood.

Like most women, I find that I inhabit different and often conflicting worlds: I am a woman trying to juggle motherhood and a career; a lactating feminist academic who watches The Bachelor; a woman of faith who constantly questions. That’s me, full of paradox. So you might find that this blog covers some surprising ground.

I imagine my writing will appeal to people not unlike myself – women who love to think (perhaps a little too much) and read deeply, women who are sitting on the sidelines of the “mommy wars,” women who love being mothers, but are tired of pretending that motherhood is constant bliss.

I started this blog when I was on maternity leave with my son. I felt that I needed to somehow process the monumental upheavals happening in my life after becoming a mother. I kept up the blog pretty regularly for about a year — and then, for whatever reason, I found that I needed that outlet less and less. I’m now expecting another baby, a girl this time. Maybe when she comes I’ll feel the itch to return to this space and write again. Maybe not. Either way, this collection of musings will remain here, a testament to my inaugural year of motherhood.

Happy reading.




  1. divinemo

    Reading your freshly pressed article got me all emotional and teary. The about page alone has gotten me in stitches.I can relate on so many levels, but your writing makes me reminisce of days gone by (thanx to baby), of me and my girls going crazy and thrashing out whatever mess came into our minds………..I think i’m goint to enjoy your writing immensely

  2. The Travelling Chopsticks

    I too found my way here through Freshly Pressed – and although I have no children of my own (and I’m still deciding if it is infact what I want in the near future) I just love your writing. You have a new follower 🙂

  4. Chris

    I loved reading your post about why and why not to go to church. I’m a youth pastor in a Quaker meeting in Newberg, OR and I’m going to use your post to help lead my sunday school class this week. Your Awesome!! Blessings on your family!

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