Other Writings

baby book

“So let it be written.”

Irigaray, Incarnation and Contemporary Women’s FictionBloomsbury, 2013.

Bread-Winning and Bread-Baking: On Being a Man and a Provider.” The Good Men Project. 

No Rape Victim, Male or Female, Deserves to Be Blamed.” The Atlantic.

Don Draper Was Raped.” The Atlantic.

The Pros and Cons of Abandoning the Word ‘Feminist.'” The Atlantic.

Why Some Evangelicals Are Trying to Stop Obsessing Over Pre-Marital Sex.” The Atlantic.

What About the Boys?” The Good Men Project.

The Postfeminist Mystique: Or, What Can We Learn from Betty Draper?” Popmatters.

The Child is the Father of the Man: Mad Men Episode 8.” The Good Men Project.

The Bear Pit.” Melusine.


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